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Botanical Beauty Perfected Over Centuries

Moroccan Skin Care


Jolie Maroc is French for 'Beautiful Morocco.' We are dedicated to bringing you the purest & highest quality products that represent Morocco's long tradition and love for natural beauty. For countless centuries, Moroccan women have used native botanicals to maintain healthy, radiant skin & hair. Their favorite was what they referred to as ‘liquid gold,’ better known as argan oil, which is a rare oil indigenous to the southwest coast of Morocco. Morocco’s unique landscape and culture make it home to some of the most powerful nature-derived beauty products, perfected over the centuries.




Jolie Maroc is partnered with an indigenous women’s cooperative in the Anti-Atlas Mountains which is the heart of the argan region and one of the least visited areas of Morocco. We are the first to bring their products to the US. These women have a long history of making argan oil, but before the creation of the cooperative, could barely afford basic necessities. The coop ensures the social and economical well-being of the women and their families. Their sustainable harvesting methods protect the rare argan groves and the delicate eco-system which protect against desertification. Click here for a tour of the cooperative and the process behind making argan oil.






Jolie Maroc is the concept of Youness and Gems Ouziad, a husband and wife team along with the support of the amazing team at LiveWin. Youness being originally from Morocco and Gems being an esthetician focused in natural skincare, Jolie Maroc was a natural symbiosis: a way for Youness to bring a piece of his culture back to their home in the US and a way for Gems to share naturally effective skincare that is free from harmful ingredients.

Youness was originally born in Marrakech, Morocco. His mother was an herbalist from a small rural village and his grandmother was Berber. They would take him on trips as a young child to the coast of Morocco to purchase argan direct from the women of the region, often times in areas that could only be reached by foot. They taught him the best oil had to come direct from the source. He was shocked upon arrival to the US at first the popularity of argan oil, but also at the lack of quality and purity.

Gems fell in love with Moroccan skincare while living in Morocco. Especially its ability to effectively transform skin and hair while being completely botanical and sustainable.

Gems and Youness also helped co-found a Women’s Cultural Museum in Asheville, NC to raise awareness about women’s rights both locally and around the world. They currently live there with their 7 year old son, Aamir.



Jolie Maroc believes strongly in giving back. This is why we donate a portion of our sales to Women for Women International.