How to tell if it's Authentic Argan Oil

Jolie Maroc sells only the highest quality of pure, cosmetic-grade, cold-pressed Argan Oil so you can purchase with confidence. That is part of the reason we sell ours in a completely clear bottle - transparency is important to us. Each bottle includes a box so you can still store it safely.

With Argan Oil gaining in popularity, there are a lot of products on the market that claim to be 'Pure Argan Oil' but unfortunately, are not. Even buying Argan Oil while in Morocco does not guarantee it is authentic, as it is so difficult and time-consuming to produce, a lot of Argan Oil sold is diluted or over-processed, or even synthetic.

The art of telling the real, high quality oil from synthetic or diluted oils, is something that was passed down from my grandmother and mother in Morocco. Being from Marrakech, she made us travel outside the city to the Argan regions to find the best quality of authentic Argan Oil. I am now going to share some of the tips she taught me, with you.


Many products use Argan Oil on their label, but only use a drop in the entire bottle or batch. The ingredient list should just say 100% Argan Oil or 100% Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil, the scientific name. Just like our 100% Pure Argan Oil. However this is not always a sign of pure, cosmetic grade Argan Oil.

Even our scented Argan Oil, such as our best selling Rose blend, only have a small amount of added pure essential oil for scent and additional benefit and the rest of the bottle is PURE Argan Oil. 97.5% to be exact. There are no other added ingredients, preservatives or chemicals.


Try a bit of Argan Oil on the back of your hand and walk around the store. If it has absorbed completely in that time, chances are, it's real!


This is one of the rarest oils in the world, and making Argan Oil is a time consuming and labor intensive process, even more so for cosmetic-grade. Also many of the women making the Argan Oil are being paid poorly, unlivable wages. At Jolie Maroc, we do not want to underpay the amazing women that work so hard to create this incredible oil.

If your bottle seems to cheap to be true, it is! Either you purchased synthetic, diluted, or culinary grade Argan Oil. It is expensive even in Morocco!


Cosmetic-grade Argan Oil is a natural yellow-golden in color verse the orange hue of the culinary version which results from the roasting process. Pure Argan Oil will contain minimal amounts of sediment, though we try to strain out as much as possible since a large amount of sediment can shorten the shelf-life of the oil.

At Jolie Maroc, we use clear glass bottles so you can see the difference in our oil, though we do recommend storing it away from sunlight, since it can also shorten your product's shelf-life.


Argan Oil is soothing, silky and smooth. It absorbs quickly into the skin due to its small molecular size. If there is any residue left after 10 minutes, it is not pure Argan Oil.

At Jolie Maroc, we believe in the miracle behind pure Argan Oil.

Jolie Maroc ensures purity to make sure you have the most benefit per bottle while remaining socially and environmentally conscious.